Celebrate our Anniversary!


Focusing Backward on our history and the history of Pilates
Focusing Forward to our growth
Focusing Inward on our deep core muscles
Focusing Outward on the community

We had a big party in September but we will be “celebrating” for the next year. Here is what’s next:

Let us tell you more about a group that we have decided to partner with here in Seattle:



Here is their mission:

We nurture. We listen. We empower. We are at their side and on their side. Providing children ages 5-18 and beyond with a place to belong, Inspire Youth Project is a team of caring professionals and volunteers committed to providing the missing links for at-risk children.Our goals are to provide consistency and the long-term nurturing that a child needs in order to grow and contribute to our society, rather than be dependent upon it. We inspire children to have hope, and to dream. We stay at their side, and on their side, providing the support they need to attain those dreams.

This fall, we will be holding school supply drives as well as fundraising for this incredible group. Bodycenter Studios instructors will also be teaching a 6 week series to at risk teens about better posture and core strength as a tool for self-empowerment and confidence.

We are collecting books from age birth to 18 to give to these kids.  Thanks for your help.  We are also going to their location to teach Pilates to teens to work on core strength and postural awareness to give them empower them to be confident and positive self image.

In Memoriam: Jane Erskine (died July 2012). She was an inspirational Pilates Instructor in Seattle and is missed by us and our community.