Client Spotlight: Katy Grainger 

My fundraising page. Last year I walked a mile on my prosthetics.  This year I am learning to wake surf behind the boat and will do it for at least a mile this weekend or next depending on the weather. Each year I will aim for new things.

Basic information on sepsis and recognizing the signs. Katy suggests checking heart rate and breathing rate when sick because sepsis can look a lot like the flu. Heart rate over 100 beats per minute or a breathing rate over 20 breaths per minute is a sign to go to the hospital or at least talk to the doctor and say “ I suspect sepsis”.  We need to put sepsis on the radar of our physicians. Also, be aware that you don’t need to have a fever for sepsis. I didn’t
That link is to the sepsis alliance website so they can explore it from there. I encourage everyone to read this page at least to prevent what happened to me happening to someone else. ❤