COVID-19 Update: Re-opening Guidelines

We are excited to see all of you.  Here are our new COVID-19 Guidelines that must be followed for us to re-open.

The following guidelines are Bodycenter Studios new COVID-19 guidelines that are for both Phase 1.5 and Phase 2 of the Washington State “Staying Safe” program.  These guidelines must be followed or we could be forced to shut-down.  Phase 3 will allow different features.

  1. All teachers will be educated on our procedures to prevent transmission.
  2. We have moved all equipment 6 feet apart to keep social distancing.
  3. When social distancing cannot be maintained, other preventions are required which includes personal protective equipment.
  4. Cloth facial coverings are required by both clients and teachers. We also have face shields as well as non-latex gloves.
  5. Both Clients and teachers will wash their hands thoroughly prior to each session as well as at the end of each session
  6. Ensuring frequent cleaning:  We have CDC recommended cleaning products.  We will wipe every surface both before and after use.
  7. We have new vinyl coverings for reformer straps that can now be sanitized.  Clients can also purchase their own reformer straps.
  8. We will be washing out towels with bleach and cleaners and hot water.  Towels will be kept in a plastic airtight container while they are waiting to be used so they are not exposed to any air.
  9. New air filters have been installed in our HAV system (MERV 13) that are found to be safe in keeping the air as clean as possible.  We also have space air purifiers that will be in each room to further purify the air.
  10. We have an hourly cleaning checklist for any touched surface including doors, front desk, etc.  The doors to the bathroom and hallway are now propped open so you will not need to use the door nob.
  11. There is hand sanitizer placed around the studio as well as tissues and trash receptacles.
  12. You can fill your water bottle at our station but not use the water fountain.  Please bring your own water bottle.
  13. We will screen teachers as well as clients at the beginning of the session to ensure that no one is experiencing any symptoms nor has been in contact with anyone who has either been sick or is experiencing symptoms. Both clients and teachers should take their temperature at home prior to coming to the studio.
  14. High-Risk clients are not included in Phase 2
  15. We will have a new liability waiver adding that the client understands our COVID-19 guidelines and is choosing to do exercise in our facility.
  16. Clients should wait outside or in their car prior to their session.  Their instructor will call or text them when they can enter the building for their session.  We cannot have people congregating in the waiting area.
  17. We will not be offering group classes at this phase so we are able to spread out in our studio and maintain social distancing.
  18. We will be operating at 25% of our capacity

Your safety is our top priority.

We hope to see many of you as our state becomes safer and healthier.  If you are interested in ZOOM sessions, please email Krist at or Shane at