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4250 8th Ave NW, Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 633-4800

Downtown Edmonds Pilates Instructor needed!

Instructors needed!!  Downtown Edmonds

Pilates Edmonds  is located in historical district of Edmonds, 2 blocks up from the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry is in need of seasoned instructors.   In our new location we have more room for instructors to work side by side, group classes and privately with their clients.   We have an immediate need to  add an instructor to take on new clients as we are all full and to replace an instructor leaving on maternity for 3months.  Additionally another instructor needed to replace a senior instructor who has a 35-40hour client sessions/week that will be taking a 5 month leave of absence.


Please contact Cheree Brodrick 206-550-9275 or