Pilates Instruction

Privates and Semi-Private Sessions

Each of our bodies is unique, and the correct practice of Pilates demands individualization. We encourage all new clients to begin with private sessions. While we emphasize one-on-one work at Bodycenter, there are possibilities for two qualified clients to share a lesson after gaining competency with the fundamental exercises.

Initial sessions at Bodycenter involve neutral spine positioning, core fundamentals, and coordinated breath work. With this strong foundation, our clients can safely and effectively execute the more challenging Pilates exercises. We utilize Pilates mats and apparatus as well as various pieces of auxiliary equipment, which provide a well-rounded workout for our clients.



Pilates is for everyone

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For Instructors

At Bodycenter Studios Seattle, we offer current Pilates instructors workshops and also offer Pilates certification to those inspired to become Pilates Instructors.


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