Bulletin Board Terms of Use


This bulletin board is being provided as a community tool, and is intended to be a way to connect those who have with those who need. There is no cost to you to post your information on this page. Bodycenter Studios makes no commission, nor holds any interest on transactions between third parties.
This means that:

a) use of this page is free, and

b) Caveat Emptor… Bodycenter will not be involved in disputes nor mediate in the case of any dissatisfaction.

This is an experiment, so your feedback is welcome. For the time being, if you have information you would like to add to this page, or if updates are needed, obsolete information deleted, etc. please email Kristi Quinn.

Postings will be removed after 60 days, unless we are otherwise notified.

* NOTE: Please send your ad as an email attachment in a Word or TextEdit format