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Yamuna Body Rolling Save Your Hips Workshop

September 17th, 12:00-2:00, $50
Location: Burien at the Highline Athletic Club location
Instructor: Tiffany Lodes

Yamuna Body Rolling Leg, Knee, Hip Workshop

October 8th, 12:00-2:00, $50
Location: Fremont Bodycenter Studios
Instructor: Tiffany Lodes

Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor Phase 1 Training:

October 14, 15, 16, $620 plus materials
Friday 12:30-7, Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 10-5

Contact Tiffany Lodes for more information and to apply:

Yamuna Body Rolling Phase 2 Training:

For those of you who have taken Phase 1 but have not
gone onto this next level…Maybe its time!

January 12, 13, 14, 15 and March 23, 24, 25, 26
Thursdays 11-6, Friday 12:30-7,
Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 10-5
$1250 plus materials


Athletic Conditioning on the Edge
Sept 16th, 6-8, $135

Flexion Free
Sept 17th, 6-8, $135

ZEN*GA Equipment Foundation Course
September 25th, 10:00-6:00, $320

NEW Stability Chair Flow
October 1st, 6:00-8:00, $135

Cervical Spine Workshop
October 7th, 5:00-9:00, $135

There are so many great new workshops and courses-don’t wait until the last minute this year to sign up. Stay inspired by expanding your knowledge.

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Interview with Bodycenter Client, Laura A Knapp

How long have you been doing Pilates?
About four – five years.

How did you find out about Pilates?
I tried Pilates in my 30s without the reformer. I couldn’t identify my muscles, so I didn’t continue. That’s why when I started again, I insisted on using the reformer. The reformer helps me better identify my muscles so I can strengthen them.

I am a singer, and so when I read a book by Renee Fleming “The Inner Voice,” Ms. Fleming talked about Pilates as a sensible exercise. I admire Ms. Fleming, so that lit the fire in my later years.

Can you describe how Pilates helped your individual situation, injury or overall fitness goals?
When I started four years ago, I was getting over a broken foot. I had problems with my left ankle/foot since I severely sprained the ankle in the early 1990s. Any time I would try to walk a distance, I would roll the ankle. I stopped walking as exercise, because I fell over once on a long walk and no one stopped to help me. That frightened me. After two years, I strengthened the ankle and started doing significant walks. I rolled the ankle once, but got right back on the machine and strengthened it.

In December 2015, my doctors discovered a congenital heart problem. I had to have open-heart surgery immediately. So I did. Please keep in mind that most cardiac patients are older than me, so age is on my side. But I was able to stand and pivot while in the recovery room. I never needed help to get to the bathroom. And I figured out how to get out of bed (this is a big challenge, because of the incision). I wrapped my feet around under the bed and pulled myself up the second day. This movement was included in my Pilates exercises. I just imagined myself on a reformer.

I was in cardiac rehab three weeks after the surgery. I can walk over five miles (including stairs and hills). I have returned to Pilates after four months to strengthen my chest muscles.

What is your favorite exercise, favorite piece of equipment, or favorite thing about Pilates?
The reformer and the Styrofoam roller. I love Pilates because while I’m exercising, I’m also meditating. It rejuvenates me mentally and physically. It’s also an exercise I can share with my daughter, the gymnast.

Do you have any advice for people that may be in a similar situation and are interested in doing Pilates?
Just keep showing up.