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Michelle Gantz, LMP

Senior Instructor

Phone:(206) 310-4380
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About Michelle

Michelle is a STOTT PILATES® Instructor and Instructor trainer at Bodycenter. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994 and a certified yoga instructor since 1999.

Michelle enjoys working privately with clients, drawing from all of these areas to help them find efficient movement and strength that best fits their lifestyle, needs, and limitations.  Michelle works with special populations of people recovering from knee or hip replacements and spinal cord injuries. She is available for private pilates sessions and also for private yoga instruction. She also enjoys helping yoga enthusiasts develop a pain free yoga practice.


Nina Moser

Senior Instructor

Phone: (206) 696-1841

About Nina

Before her introduction to Pilates, Nina designed costumes and scenery for theatre, film and television. After the birth of her 3rd child and a back injury, she began studying Pilates rehabilitatively as a client of Melissa Kerber. The process of finding her core stability and overcoming her injury was an affirming experience. Her interest and enthusiasm led her to undertake the STOTT PILATES® Instructor training program at BodyCenter.


Drea Russell

Associate Instructor

Phone: 206-920-2513

About Drea

I began my studies in ballet at the age of nine on my home island of Guam. From there, I continued my dance education here in the Seattle area. I loved to dance but with my continued studies and instruction of ballet and my many years of early childhood education I began to develop lower back and hip pain, until I discovered Pilates in 2012. I fell in love with the process, but most importantly, my body benefited greatly from it. In 2013, I embarked on a journey of becoming a Pilates Instructor at the Bodycenter Studio in Fremont. First, my intention was to solely become Mat certified, but my passion for Pilates continued to motivate me to become a certified Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barrels and ISP instructor. Then, in the Winter of 2016 I became a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor. I have a great appreciation of the diversity of strength and support each form of Pilates can provide.

I really enjoy working with clients of all ages. It brings great joy to have the opportunity to support and help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals.
When I am not teaching I enjoy family time with my husband, two children and our two dogs.


Tiffany Lodes

Senior Instructor
About Tiffany

STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning Specialist

Tiffany has an extensive background in movement, with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in dance and movement studies. She received her BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago, focusing on teaching and choreography. Tiffany is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor, a certified Yamuna® Body Rolling practitioner, and a YBR® Certification Instructor. She received her pilates training at Bodycenter Studios and studied Yamuna® Body Rolling in NYC at the Yamuna Studio with founder Yamuna Zake. She returns to NYC and the Flagship Studio yearly to study the newest YBR® techniques. She is also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science.

Tiffany was introduced to Pilates while in school and was impressed with its wide range of uses and benefits. She continues to explore its importance not only for its unique relevance to dance training & athletic conditioning, but also for the rehabilitation of injuries, and the positive impact on the quality of life and fitness of people of all ages. With a strong commitment to continuing education she is always striving to gain more tools to benefit her students. She loves to share her knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their goals in a fun and supportive environment. Tiffany offers private instruction, group classes, workshops, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Yamuna Facial and YBR Phase 1 instructor Training.


Stacy Brenner

Senior Instructor
About Stacy

STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning Specialist and Pre & Post-Natal Specialist

Stacy Brenner began dancing at a young age and formed a strong love for movement. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Art from Western Michigan University and was named the Department of Dance Presidential Scholar. While at WMU, she began to study Conditioning, Kinesiology and movement analysis. 

Soon after moving to Seattle, Stacy furthered her interest of physical movement by earning certifications from STOTT PILATES® and the American Council on Exercise. She is also a CORE™ and ZEN•GA™ Qualified Instructor through Merrithew Health and Fitness.

In addition to Bodycenter Studios, Stacy has taught for PNBConditioning – resident Pilates studio at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School and Cirque du Soleil – Seattle tours of Amaluna and Kurios. 

Stacy’s clients say she is a detail-oriented instructor who is greatly focused on the individual’s needs. She keeps workouts interesting with a variety of exercises while still keeping the client’s fitness goals as a priority.

Stacy continues to dance professionally with various local Contemporary Ballet and Modern Dance choreographers and the Seattle Opera.


Uraina Nagy

Senior Instructor

Phone: (206) 399-6337
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About Uraina

Uraina attended Florida State University where she danced for internationally renowned teachers and choreographers. It was at FSU where Uraina discovered the many benefits of Pilates. Although she earned a degree in Environmental Studies, she couldn't deny her passion for movement and interpersonal connection. Uraina moved to Seattle to attain her STOTT PILATES® Certification at Bodycenter and to seek more performing opportunities in this thriving community.


Jordan Blair

Senior Instructor

Phone: (206) 422-2369
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About Jordan

Jordan is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT PILATES® instructor. She actively believes in pilates and how it impacts the quality of one’s life. She enjoys working with individuals on healthful body awareness so that they may accomplish person goals of strength, recovery, and balanced living.

After a career in dance, attending Cornish College of the Arts and performing with Spectrum Dance Theater, she trained in, and taught, Kajukenbo, an eclectic style of kung fu, where she holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt. 

Jordan has also completed several courses pertaining to injury rehabilitation and prevention that give her a well-rounded and unique understanding of the body and core strength. This knowledge allows her to contribute to those with pain and injury as well as cross-training athletes or anyone in between! 

As an accomplished student of body mechanics, she is able to bring a multifarious quality to her teaching. Jordan’s experience working with different body types and learning styles contributes to her sound teaching sensibilities and naturally creates a patient and encouraging learning environment. 


Rebecca Schroeder

Senior Instructor
About Rebecca

Rebecca holds a BFA in Dance from California State University Long Beach and is a certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor. She was introduced to Pilates in 1994, which further sparked her fascination for body awareness, alignment and core-strength. Rebecca enjoys creating a workout experience that suits each person's specific needs, fitness goals and skill level whether they are athletes, those suffering with chronic pain, rehabilitation from surgery, or those who are simply seeking to learn more about their bodies. She loves watching the positive changes brought about by practicing STOTT PILATES®and empowering her clients with a mind-body awareness that can be carried into their everyday lives. When Rebecca is not teaching Pilates or dancing, she can be found climbing in the North Cascades or backcountry skiing.


Nadgia Lara

Senior Instructor
About Nadgia

Coming from a background of improv street performance and teaching self defense, being present and feeling good in ones body is of utmost importance to Nadgia. After discovering pilates in 2004, she fell in love with the fluidity, the holistic focus of breath with mindful movements, and how energized she felt after every session. It became her goal to inspire these same results for her own clients. Nadgia became a certified pilates instructor in 2006 through PMA in mat-work and all equipment and Physical Mind in Standing Pilates. In 2008 she went on to complete the STOTT PILATES® teacher training at Bodycenter Studios. She loves the challenge to learn more, and has years of experience working with Pre/Post Natal, rehab from surgery/injury, and Multiple Sclerosis.

About Laurie

Laurie Dundon began her personal journey studying Pilates in the year 2000 while working as an ACE certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.  She then enrolled in the STOTT PILATES Instructor Training Certification program soon after recognizing the complexity of the exercises and the importance of providing quality instruction to her clients.  She has been a STOTT PILATES Certified instructor since 2003 and a Merrithew qualified instructor in Fascial Movement, CORE Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training, and Total Barre.

Laurie enjoys seeing the transformation in all of her clients during their Pilates journey. She believes everybody can benefit from Pilates and their sessions should be designed to custom fit their needs.  Her experience includes working with clients with a broad range of abilities; from those who are still in rehabilitation to athletes wanting to enhance performance.  Her goal is to help her clients restore strong, healthy, youthful and confident movement.  

When Laurie is not instructing Pilates, she enjoys outdoors sports including snow skiing in the winter, wake surfing and waterskiing in the summer, hiking, trail running and mountain biking all year long.


Martha McHugh

Senior Instructor

Phone: 206-409-9056
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About Martha

A classically trained ballet dancer, Martha enjoys sharing her knowledge of movement and fitness techniques. She studied dance from an early age and trained in Montreal and New York City, where she apprenticed with the Harkness Ballet Company. She later moved to Seattle to join Pacific Northwest Ballet and danced with the company for thirteen years.After earning her certification as a personal trainer and fitness specialist, it was at a fitness convention Martha discovered the STOTT PILATES® repertoire. She was so impressed with the program’s focus on body alignment and stability she enrolled in the STOTT PILATES® instructor program and is currently working towards full certification. Martha is excited to be sharing her love of movement with a community based Pilates studio that recognizes the importance of safe and effective programs for their clients.


Theresa Arbow-O'Connor

Senior Instructor
About Theresa

Theresa is a STOTT PILATES® Instructor, ACSM Personal Trainer and Yoga Fit Teacher. Theresa enjoys working with clients of all abilities, from rehabbing an injury, athletic training or general health and fitness. Theresa believes Pilates will bring more efficient movement, stability and strength for specific sports, walking, running or daily exercise and activity. Theresa ran a Corporate Fitness Center, provided health and wellness screenings for Providence Hospital, taught at Body Mind Academy, Teaches private community classes and does Workshops and speaks at businesses in the Seattle area. Currently teaching Pilates classes and working privately with individual clients, Theresa brings a lot of knowledge and expertise which she loves sharing. Theresa is always taking an educational workshop to stay inspired and inspire her clients with all the current research and best Pilates exercises available. Theresa enjoys running in 5 & 10k races and has done the ½ marathon, sprint triathlons & mountain bike racing to stay motivated and challenged. Spending time with her 14 nieces and nephews at sporting & other events, and training her parrot who keeps her laughing every day, Theresa has a lot of fun and brings that to her workout environment. 


Deb Fialkow

Senior Instructor

Phone: 206-617-0712
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About Deb

Deb is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor and certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner. She came to pilates as a professional actor and movement instructor (and fitness gad) for conditioning, and was taken by its methodology and benefits. She received her training, and continues to train, at Bodycenter Studios, and began teaching in 2009. She enjoys working with clients to come to understand, develop and improve their "best body", focusing on optimizing biomechanics and improving strength, balance and coordination.


Courtney Stone

Senior Instructor
About Courtney

Courtney is STOTT PILATES® Instructor, a trained Merrithew™ Fascial Movement Instructor and trained Total Barre™ Instructor. In addition to her Pilates training, she holds a certification in Personal Training through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. While rehabilitating a series of sports related injuries and in search of a movement practice that would promote mindfulness of movement, accommodate potentially evolving limitations yet offer challenging strength training, Courtney discovered Pilates. She enrolled in Bodycenter's Comprehensive Instructor Training Program and continues to pursue further movement, anatomy, apparatus/props and programming education at every opportunity. Whether your goal is to gain functional strength, improve posture, athletic training, or rehab an injury, Courtney understands that everyone's body is different, individual goals vary, and how each person learns and chooses to apply that information is unique. Working with various age groups, abilities and levels presents a welcome opportunity to utilize her drive to be creative so she may customize for and accommodate each person individually.


At Bodycenter Studios Seattle, we offer current Pilates instructors workshops and also offer Pilates certification to those inspired to become Pilates Instructors.


We have a wide variety of group drop in options, including Pilates mat classes for our clients.  View our schedule, class descriptions and book online below!


Designed for clients that are new to Pilates. You will learn the fundamentals of alignment and how to properly use core muscles. Covers both mat & the Reformer.