Would you like to become a Zenga instructor?  The ZEN•GA® program is a teaching modality that consciously connects the body and the mind. Throughout the work, the power lies not only in the movement itself, but rather on a purposeful intention while we move. Through intention and imagery, ZEN•GA® will unleash the body from tension and bring more clarity to the mind. We use various props to support the body and to create a focal point to direct our breath allowing for more fluidity and ease in the physical body.

ZEN•GA® Program choices:

  • Instructor Foundation Course, Mat
  • Instructor Foundation Course, Equipment

After completing any of these programs students will be prepared to teach the repertoires safely, effectively and with confidence.

Our ZEN•GA® programs provide a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire. Both courses teach you workouts that are functional; combining strength, endurance, flexibility, and dynamic stability of the entire body while increasing awareness and mindfulness through movement. Provide your clients with a mindful workout that encompass the bodies’ natural rhythms developing more ease and proficiency while developing a more youthful, resilient fluid body, stimulating the neuromyofascial web of the body and hydrating the myofascial meridians.

General Course Objectives:

  • Explain the origins of ZEN•GA® and be able to define what it is.
  • Summarize the ZEN•GA® principles – Breath, Support, Yield, Flow – and explain how they are incorporated in movement.
  • Teach a ZEN•GA® Foundation class to any level participant.
  • Effectively teach ZEN•GA®programming to a client at any level.
  • Explore foundational movement patterns and the fascial system through movement.
  • Experience programming ideas that bring the principles to application.

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