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Posts by Kristi Quinn

Celebrate our Anniversary!

FOCUS 15 Focusing Backward on our history and the history of Pilates Focusing Forward to our growth Focusing Inward on our deep core muscles Focusing Outward on the community We had a big party in September but we will be “celebrating” for the next year. Here is what’s next: Let us tell you more about…

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Set Your Own Sail Workshop: How to Build A Side Income and Create Financial Freedom

Date: Saturday, October 25th, 2014 Time: 12pm – 2pm Where: Bodycenter Studios Investment: Free For details and registration, visit: EventBrite Join us for an interactive, educational workshop on creating financial freedom. We’ll cover topics such as: Exploring your relationship with money Strengthening your money mindset Understanding the different ways of how people create income Learning which…

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Pilates and Gardening: The Knee

After several months of spring and summer gardening your landscaping may look wonderful but your knees may be protesting. The repetitive movements of squatting, kneeling, and standing up could possibly be contributing to some discomfort. In this article we will look at some simple ways you can work with your knees in good alignment to…

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Pilates and Gardening: Scapular Stability

Pilates and Gardening: Scapular Stability In the Northwest, April brings a lot of rain and May gives us slightly warmer temperatures. That combination leads to the birth of weeds and more weeds. Weeding is a necessary task for a gardener and, for some, can result in discomfort in the shoulders and upper back. It is…

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Pilates and Gardening: The Lumbar Spine

Pilates and Gardening:  The Lumbar Spine   By Shane Belau   It’s spring and the gardener in you has been waiting all winter to get those hands in the dirt.  Gardening is a great form of exercise as you are using your legs, back, abdominals and arms to move that dirt, dig up those plants,…

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Bulletin Board Terms of Use

Welcome! This bulletin board is being provided as a community tool, and is intended to be a way to connect those who have with those who need. There is no cost to you to post your information on this page. Bodycenter Studios makes no commission, nor holds any interest on transactions between third parties. This…

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